Gippsland Lakes

I’ve included here a collection of my (along with my colleagues) work on the Gippsland Lakes

McLennan St from Seacomb LochSp

  • Predicting tides at Lakes Entrance (conference paper)
  • Predicting flood heights as part of a flood warning system (conference paper)
  • Influence of wind on lake levels (conference paper)
  • Gippsland Lakes Natural Assets Report Card (card, report)
  • Importance of catchment-sourced nitrogen loads as a factor in determining the health of the Gippsland Lakes (report)
  • Managing salinity in Lake Wellington (report, conference paper)
  • Understanding the environmental water requirements of the Gippsland Lakes System (report)
  • Impact of bushfires on water quality in the Gippsland Lakes: Exploring Options for Mitigation (report)
  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) for reducing phosphorus loads to the Gippsland Lakes (report)
  • Priority nutrient reduction activities for the Gippsland Lakes and Catchments (report)

Other Gippsland Lakes information

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