Lead in rain tanks – Wellington, NZ

I’ve written about lead levels in rain tanks before here and in this book chapter.  This is just a quick post about some recent work in New Zealand (link).  Researchers looked at lead levels in six water tanks in the Wellington area and found that 69% of samples exceeded WHOs health-based guideline of 0.01 mg/L for lead.  This is consistent with the 32 studies that we summarised in Magyar and Ladson (2015).


Stewart, C., Kim, N. D., Johnson, D. M. and Nayyerloo, M. (2016) Health hazards associated with consumption of roof-collected rainwater in urban areas in emergency situations.  Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 13(10):1012 doi:10.3390/ijerph13101012

Magyar, M. I. and Ladson, A. R. (2015) Chemical quality of rainwater in rain tanks. In: Sharma, A., Begbie, D. and Gardner, T.  Rainwater tank systems for urban water supply: design, yield, energy, health risks, economics and social perceptions.  IWA publishing. pp 207-224. Link to Chapter 9


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