Where is ARR?

[Edit 13 Oct 2016]

RFFE software is now available at http://rffe.arr-software.org/

ARR project reports are available at:

The main ARR page is http://arr.ga.gov.au/

The new version of Australian Rainfall and Runoff, plus supporting documents and software, was all available via www.arr.org.au.

This general address has recently been changed to http://arr.ga.gov.au/.

The web-based version of the draft ARR guideline is here or via this direct link.  Flike is still available here.

It seems that all the project reports have been removed, however, Way  Back Machine, a web archiving service, has copies of old ARR sites.

If you go to www.waybackmachine.org and then enter arr.org.au it will bring up a calendar that shows when archives were made.  The most recent version is available via this link
http://web.archive.org/web/20160501050605/http://www.arr.org.au/.  All the project reports seem to be available.

I’ve also made a link to a dropbox folder with those reports that were distributed at the Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium in Hobart in Dec 2015.

The RFFE software does not seem to be available yet on the new site but I know WMA Water are working to get this back up.   Lets hope this is sorted out soon.

8 thoughts on “Where is ARR?

  1. Luke

    I tried late last week to get a quick rffe estimate and found that the site was down. It seems like a fairly large oversight to not have these processes sequenced to provide minimal downtime.
    Thank you for the update.

  2. Helen Fairweather

    Hi Tony,

    Many thanks for your great posts; I encourage my students to use them in my hydrology course. Do you know who I can contact to obtain the GIS data for Figures 5.4.3 to 5.4.6 in Chapter 4 of Book 5?

    kind regards

    Helen Fairweather

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