Australian Rainfall and Runoff – Update for Flood Management Professionals

[Edit 17 Oct 2016: Some web links have changed.  See Where is ARR?]

Summary of presentation to the Floodplain Managers’ Forum (6 May 2016).
Slides are available here.

Draft 2015 Australian Rainfall and Runoff is available on-line:

Next version to be released in June 2016.

Design rainfalls to be revised in July 2013 with new products to cover frequent and rare rainfalls.  Design rainfalls will be available for frequencies from 12EY (12 exceedances per year) to 0.05%.  (Link to IFD site at the Bureau).

Climate change guidelines published as part of ARR update:

Regional Flood Frequency Estimation:

Flood Hazard:

  • Guidelines published in ARR (Book 9 Chapter 2).
  • AEM Handbook 7 (link, register to get free access; see the Technical flood risk management guideline: Flood hazard which replaces SCARM).
  • SCARM – Floodplain management in Australia (link, see Appendix J).

Coastal/Estuarine Flooding:

Urban flooding:

Flood Frequency Analysis:

Keeping up to date:

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