Flood frequency analysis for free

[Edit 8 Dec 2016.  This site has flood summaries for many Victorian gauges]

[Edit 17 Oct 2016.  Some web links have changed.  See Where is ARR?]

The new Regional Flood Frequency Estimation Model (RFFE), is a very useful tool for Australian hydrologists.  The on-line tool can be used to estimate flood frequency information anywhere in Australia for catchments between 0.5 km2 and 1000 km2.  The prediction equations used in the model are based on frequency analysis of data from over 800 gauges.  An added bonus is that the the results for all these gauges are available as part of the tool.

Let’s try it.  As an example, assume we are doing some flood work in North East Victoria in the area south of Wangaratta near to Greta.  The centre of the area of interest is at:

  • Lat  = -36.54
  • Lon = 146.25

Make up some data to enter into the tool.  In this case, we are not using the RFFE estimates so anything plausible will do.  I’ve used data as shown in the screenshot below.


Figure 1: RFFE input screen

Next, click submit, and on the results page, check the map in the lower right corner of the screen.  This shows the RFFE model has used frequency data from 15 gauges surrounding the coordinates we entered.


Figure 2: Nearby gauges used by the RFFE model

To get flood frequency estimates for these 15 gauges click the ‘nearby’ button.


This will download a csv file that has information about the 15 gauges including flood frequency estimates and confidence intervals.  A subset of the data is shown in Table 1 below.


Table 1: Information on the nearby gauges

If your site is in Victoria, you can get more information about the gauges that correspond to the Site IDs by constructing a link that looks like this:


That is, insert the ‘Site ID’ you are interested in, in place of the number 403213.  Follow the link to a page that relates to this gauge at the Victorian Water Monitoring website (see an example in Figure 3 below).  Doing flood frequency analysis for a gauge like this would have taken some work.  Now it’s done for you.


Figure 3: Data for the gauge 403213, Fifteen Mile Creek @ Greta South

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