Better Frequency Plots from Web-based Flike

At the end of the tutorial on web-based Flike, we end up with a plot that looks like Figure 1.  This is a good start but the log scale on the abscissa is difficult to read.

Figure 1: flood frequency plot

Figure 1: flood frequency plot

Lets look at ways to improve the plotting of results from Flike.   In the Flike graph window (Figure 1), there is a button to save the graph.

Figure 2. Save button

Figure 2. Save button

Clicking this button writes a csv file with all the results.  An example file, based on Figure 1, is here. The file is in three sections that are stacked on top of each other.

  1.  Gauged data and plotting positions
  2. Expected parameter quantiles and confidence limits
  3. Expected probability quantile.

You could manually grab the various parts of the file and plot them.  I’ve written some R code that partly automates the process although it will probably need tweaking for your particular results.  An example is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 2. Improved frequency plot

Figure 3. Improved frequency plot

Code is available at this gist.

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