For R-using hydrologists, there is a new package on CRAN that is well worth checking. Nick Bond has put together a collection of functions and data related to hydrologic statistics.

The hydrostats package includes tools to compute commonly used streamflow indices such as:

  • basic summary statistics
  • high spells (magnitude, frequency, duration, timing etc.)
  • low spells
  • cease-to-flow spells
  • Colwell’s indices
  • partial series
  • baseflow components

There is also daily data sets for the Acheron River and Coopers Creek.

For details see:

If you are interested in floods, the partial.series function is particularly useful. It will identify the largest independent flood events in a record of daily flows.  You can specify the independence criteria and the number of events to be returned.  An example for the Acheron River is shown below.

Acheron River, partial series

Acheron River, partial series


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