Boggy Ck @ Angleside

Mapping gauging stations in R

If you have the location (latitude and longitude) of a gauging station or a rain gauge, it’s nice to make a map for a report or just to confirm your sites are where you think they are.

In R we can link to google maps, extract areas of interest and then use ggplot to add points and annotations.  The example below shows how to plot the site of a gauge in north east Victoria; Boggy Creek at Angleside.

Try out different zoom arguments in the ggmap function and different maptypes.  Google provides 4 maptypes:

  • satellite
  • terrain
  • roadmap
  • hybrid

It is also possible to obtain maps from Open Street Map, set source = ‘osm’.

For further examples visit:


loc <- c(lon = 146.362, lat = -36.6063 ) <- ggmap(get_map(loc, zoom = 12, source = "google", maptype = 'hybrid')) + geom_point(data = as_data_frame(as.list(loc)), 
                    aes(lon, lat), size = 3, color='red') +
         xlab("") + 
         ylab("") +
         geom_text(data = as_data_frame(as.list(loc)), aes(lon, lat), 
            label = ' Boggy Creek @ Angleside',
            color = 'red',
            size = 4,
            hjust = 1.05, 
            vjust = -0.7 )

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