Tony Ladson has 30 years’ experience in hydrology and river management and has worked on projects throughout Australia and in the US, Taiwan and PNG. He has a PhD from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Science from the University of Minnesota. As well as being a Director of Moroka Pty Ltd, he is an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide, an honorary fellow in the Waterway Ecosystem Research Group at the University of Melbourne and a teaching fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University.

Recent activity

23 Mar 2016 Blog Rainfall excess hydrograph
22 Mar 2016 Blog Blue Books
4 Mar 2016 Blog On the calculation of equal area slope
20 Feb 2016 Blog Time of Concentration: Bransby Williams formula
12 Dec 2016 Blog Load calculations, error approximations
9 Dec 2016 Blog Does stormwater management work?
30 Nov 2016 Presentation The state of hydrologic practice in Victoria, Australia
29 Nov 2016 Blog Hydstra rating plots explained
23 Nov 2016 Blog Lead in rain tanks – Wellington, NZ
14 Nov 2016 Blog RORB: comparing modelled and measured hydrographs
8 Nov 2016 Blog Initial loss: storm v burst
31 Oct 2016 Blog Data cleaning: latitude and longitude
24 Oct 2016 Blog Data cleaning: dates and times
10 Oct 2016 Blog Where is ARR?
5 Oct 2016 Blog Load estimation, creating wet and dry events in a flow series
26 Sep 2016 Blog Detecting outliers in water quality data
19 Sep 2016 Blog Rating curve resources
12 Sep 2016 Blog Showing data in reports: should you use tables, graphs or both?
5 Sep 2016 Blog Weekly cycle of storms
22 Aug 2016 Blog Data cleaning: DO
19 Aug 2016 Blog Data checking packages in R
15 Aug 2016 Blog Converting from UTM to Lat, Long
11 Aug 2016 Blog Victoria’s open data directory
8 Aug 2016 Blog Data cleaning: times
8 Aug 2016 Blog update.  How many sub-catchments does my RORB model need?
4 Aug 2016 Blog The state of hydrologic practice in Victoria, Australia
28 July 2016 Page Prediction equations for the RORB routing parameter kc
26 July 2016 Blog Quality codes in hydrologic data-II
18 July 2016 Blog Rain, soil moisture and urbanisation
12 July 2016 Blog New draft of Australian Rainfall and Runoff
11 July 2016 Blog Teaching hydrology
6 July 2016 Book Chapter Hydrologic processes contributing to floods (Book 4 Chapter 2)
4 July 2016 Blog Scraping the RFFE
27 June 2016 Blog API and initial loss
20 June 2016 Blog Fitting non-linear models
14 June 2016 Blog How wet is the catchment?
2 June 2016 Page Added a new page to provide links to RORB resources and tutorials
1 June 2016 Blog What time of year does it flood?
30 May 2016 Blog Script to analyse hourly flow data
24 May 2016 Blog Amicable and perfect numbers
20 May 2016 Blog Initial loss in urban and rural catchments
11 May 2016 Seminar Australian Rainfall and Runoff – Update for Flood Management Professionals
6 May 2016 Blog Rainbow colour scales in hydrologic maps and charts
3 May 2016 Blog Flood frequency analysis for free
25 Apr 2016 Blog Estimating parameters from quantiles, Pearson III distribution
18 Apr 2016 Blog Interpolating design rainfall intensities
13 Apr 2016 Page Added a page to collect hydrology quotes
13 Apr 2016 Blog The influence of the shape factor in regional flood estimation
11 Apr 2016 Blog Estimating parameters from quantiles, GEV distribution
4 Apr 2016 Blog Growth factors for sub-daily design rainfalls
30 Mar 2016 Blog Some mathematics of the 1st rapid at Penrith
28 Mar 2016 Blog Adjustment factors for restricted rainfall
21 Mar 2016 Blog Wombat 2016 (conference review)
16 Mar 2016 Blog Routing in RORB-II
11 Mar 2016 Blog Routing in RORB
3 Mar 2016 Blog Using the old (1987) IFD parameters in RORB
2 Mar 2016 Blog Using new Areal Reduction Factors in RORB
27 Feb 2016 Blog Areal Reduction Factors (new ARFs as specified in the draft Australian Rainfall and Runoff)
22 Feb 2016 Blog Plotting percentiles and updates to the methods used to calculate delta values
16 Feb 2016 Blog Flood Frequency Analysis – Flike tutorials
9 Feb 2016 Blog Envelope curve for record Australian rainfall
5 Feb 2016 Blog Confidence interval for the mean of non-normal data
11 Jan 2016 Blog Plotting water quality samples on a hydrograph
30 Dec 2015 Blog Review of this blog for 2015
14 Dec 2015 Blog Launch of Australian Rainfall and Runoff
11 Dec 2015 Blog Hobart Rivulet
8  Dec 2015  Blog Web-based Flike is no longer available; updated blog
24 Nov 2015 Blog Calculated Risks 
18 Nov 2015 Blog Approximate sizing of rainwater tanks – III 
16 Nov 2015 Blog Updated Reading data supplied from Hydstra
20 Oct 2015 Blog Better frequency plots from web-based flike
19 Oct 2015 Publications Added more full text articles to publications and on research gate
14 Oct 2015 Blog Plotting spells
29 Sep 2015 Blog Influence of roofing materials and lead flashing on rainwater tank contamination by metals

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Research gate

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Meryl

    Hi Tony,

    I just came across this blog again through the eWater website and wanted to stop in and say what a great resource this is, and what a great communicator you are. Thank you!


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